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System Client Testimonials

What our clients say about the Tony Franklin System


"He is really good at his job — he's innovative, creative and known for scoring points,"  "He's done a lot for the football world."   "Tony Franklin, everywhere he goes he scores points," Rolovich said of MTSU's grizzled offensive coordinator. "We've got to look at matching their score." --HFC University of Hawaii


I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the help you have given me and my coaching staff over the years. The Macon County Bulldogs have just won their first State Championship in 20 years! We used every resource you provided to put us on the path of this championship. The system allowed us to set the new Georgia High School touchdown passing record of 56 touchdowns in a single season. It also allowed us to have two 1,000-yard receivers and a 1,000-yard rusher. Our quarterback was also the State Class A player of the year. We had an excellent year, and we extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for you and your staff. - DEXTER COPELAND, HFC MACON COUNTY HS, GA

We won our quarterfinal game yesterday 63-0! We are now #1 in American in Scoring Offense and average points per game! Fast, Fight Finish! - JASON MCCLENDON, OC NORTHLAND CHRISTIAN, TX (state champs)

FYI -- We have used the System since 2012 and we were in the state championship in 2013, 2015 and 2016.  We won the state championship in 2016. Thanks! - RICH SCANLON, HFC DONAHUE ACADEMY, FL

By the way, the school where I'm the OC scored the 2nd most points this season in the HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL!  Plus, we tied the record for the most WINS in the history of the school! - JIMMY JARRETT, LOGANVILLE GA

"Thanks TFS for a great coaches clinic and first class treatment of speakers. Awesome weekend of coaches sharing ideas." - KEVIN KELLEY, HFC PULASKI ACADEMY, AR

"Best football weekend we have been to as a staff. We learned more and used more than any other clinic we have been to. Our staff is super excited. We've been working since we got back. Thanks again!" - GARY TERRY, ANDERSON COUNTY, TN

"Looking forward to implementing ideas from the Nashville seminar. Thanks for all you've done for us in 9 years and what you do for high school football." - JOEL SCHRENK, FALKVILLE, AL

"Thank you for a great clinic this year. Learned as much as ever!" - Coach Bessac, MADISON EAST, WI

"Great clinic as always. This was year 10 and I still come away as impressed as the first year!" - MARK GROUNDS, HFC JACKSONVILLE, IL

"I'd like to thank Coach Franklin for the significant impact he's made on my life from a football aspect and the overall life lessons he has taught me. I have never had a coach change my outlook on life more than he has in these past 3 years. He has taught me so much about myself and guided me in the process of being a Division 1 quarterback week in and week out. I would not be anywhere close to where I am now without him." - JARED GOFF


"Season ended but great year Region 6 AAAAA Champions,  2015 Tipton Co Champs, TSSAA playoffs. Finished (9-2) this season,  2014 we were (2-8). Thanks" - ROBIN JACOBS, HFC BRIGHTON HS, TN

"Bishop Ireton has the school's first back-to-back winning seasons in more than 20 years and qualified to host a state playoff game in back-to-back seasons for the first time in school history!" - TONY VERDUCCI, HFC BISHOP IRETON, VA

"Thanks to the TFS for all the help! All Saints won it's 3rd state championship in 4 years!" - JOHN BATES, OC ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL, TX

"In my opinion the TFS is extremely useful. The resources are vast and the support from the company is awesome. It was definitely worth the investment for my program. Currently I have offensive players at the following schools: Utah, Baylor, SDSU, Washington St., Cal Berkley (Spring 2016).

Here is my advice… Only consider purchasing the TFS it if you want to win a lot more games, score the most points you have ever scored, and get a bunch of kids to really love the game. If used correctly your coaches will also get to spend more time with their families. The wives and kids enjoy that piece. Good Luck!" - ROBERT FRITH, EL TORO CA

"We are 7-0.  We had an unbelievable game on Friday night.  It was the state's #1 team (us) vs. Ardmore - the state's #2 team and the last team to beat us.  We threw a downhill X-stutter with 58 seconds left to score then went for two with a wildcat stretch left to win 29-28.  It was an amazing turn of events - everything pointed at a defeat with 2 minutes left.  I had to use my timeouts when they were trying to get a 1st down.  We made them punt then went 65 yards in 4 plays for the score and eventual win.   

We have evolved into quite a different offensive team than we have been.  We are still running all of the TFS plays, but we are relying on TE and fullback packages probably 60% of the time and running lots of power and counter.  Our O-line is pretty good and our F is a workhorse so we're letting them do the job.  My QB is sophomore who continues to show maturity.  Our defense is great and our special teams are unlike anything I've ever been around so we are just trying to do our jobs offensively and put some points on the board anyway possible without making mistakes that could get us beat.  It's worked so far.  

It's been a different year for us.  My offensive staff is having a hard time not putting up 50 points a game like we're used to.  I keep telling them that's just our team this year.  Last year our defense had to hang in there and wait for offense to win the game.  This year we have pretty much traded places.


"Quick update. We're still fighting for wins consistently but our QB has really improved. He had 7 picks when we first talked. He's only thrown one since. He's thrown 20 TDs and has 1700 yards with three games left. I know that's not what some guys are doing in this System but it's a huge change from our first few games. He's leading all of western VA in yards and TDs. Our Freshman WR is leading in yards too, that's unheard of around here! If we can get our rushing yards up we'll be rolling. First year at the school, first year in the System. Things are looking up here. Thanks." - Thad Wells, Blacksburg VA

"The advice on creating a Drive Starters Chart was huge in keeping me in line and sticking with the game plan. All the help you have given us has been tremendous and it is greatly appreciated!" - K. Arnold, OC Uvalde, TX

"We won a HUGE one, Tied for first . Tell Tony what he said on the conference call, triggered my brain during the game, and I stuck with what was working and the kids crushed the number one defense in the area. They only allowed 100 yards of total offense, we had 300 in the first half !!!!" - Steve Allosso, HFC Minnechaug Regional, MA

"We just knocked off the top team in the state. Everyone had them in a blow out against us. Packed house, 10,000 fans, we beat them 46 to 28. My son threw for 408yds, 4TDS, and ran for one. It was a huge rival game that we have lost for last 22 years. Thanks!" - DALE HOOPER, ALAMOGORDO, NM

"Just an update on the season. We are 3-0 and have scored 142 points in three games! Secured a playoff spot last night. Hopefully we can keep it going. Thanks!" - GREG WALLACE, NORTHPOINT CHRISTIAN

"Just want to give you guys a thank you! Our junior QB leads the entire state of Florida in pasing after the first 3 games. We are 2-1 going into our open week. He has finally matured and is trusting the offense. We also have 4 receivers with 300+ receiving." - JASON DUNLAP, FATHER LOPEZ FL

“I just wanted to let you know that I thought this year’s clinic was one of the best one’s I’ve been to. The Embassy Suites was awesome, and the speakers were too. I appreciate you, Tony putting so much effort into those clinics even though you don’t have to. I hope the other clinics go as well for you. Take care and have a great off-season.” - NAJI LYON, WINDER-BARROW GA

“One of the best we’ve attended in our 10 years coming, excited about getting it put in. Also liked the defensive stuff being at the end so everyone could see it, great stuff!”-BILLY MILLS, HFC DINWIDDIE VA

“Great clinic! Thanks for everything. Had lots of fun learning to play fast.” – TIM DAVIS, HFC WEST ANCHORAGE, AK

“Great clinic. It’s our ninth year and we still pick up things that will be game changers for us!” –MARK GROUNDS, JACKSONVILLE IL

“Just wanted to let you guys know that we enjoyed the seminar again this year.  We also loved having it in Murfreesboro...the free breakfast and not fighting the Opryland deal was great.  Again, thanks for a great seminar and we look forward to working with you guys all year.  Thanks.” –GEORGE REDDING, FAIRVIEW AL

"The clinic this weekend was great! All you guys to a great job. Signing up as a client has been invaluable for our program. Can't wait for this year's video to be uploaded, I am eager to make sense of all my notes! Thanks again for all your willingness to help." -MICHAEL CRIST, HFC VIRGINIA HS


“Tony has an awesome ability to get the best out of his players. I will miss his speeches to the offense. He made me want to play again. He is not afraid to dream big, something I will take with me wherever I go.” - ROB LIKENS on his promotion from Cal assistant to Offensive Coordinator, Kansas

“The system makes him great. He certainly can throw the ball well, and makes good decisions, I think. Only six or seven interceptions on the year with a million throws. That’s an exaggeration, but lots and lots of throws. But the system has him delivering the ball accurately, and on time, and he is difficult to get to. So I think they do a really nice job with their system.” - BRONCO MENDENHALL, HFC BYU tells Salt Lake Tribune his thoughts on Cal QB Jared Goff

"Thanks again for all you've done for us. We went 9-3 and lost to another System team in playoffs. What made the season even more special is my son is a Senior and it was incredible for him to play on a big stage. Another great feat was losing our QB early, but watching the backup step up in a big way since he has been running this System since 7th grade. It's been an amazing ride that rejuvenated our community. Our people believe now! This really wouldn't have been possible without you." - STEVE HALE, HFC OLENTANGY LIBERTY, OH

"I just wanted to let you know that we'll be playing in the 1-A State Championship game this Saturday afternoon. This is the first state championship appearance in the history of North Vermillion High School football. I remember telling my athletic director last spring that we had to go to SYSTEM team camp if we wanted to get over the hump and get to the next level. Looks like I was right about that! Thanks for your help in getting us to Lucas Oil Stadium!" - BRIAN CRABTREE, HFC NVHS, IN

Just wanted to update you on our season.  We started 6 sophomores this year on varsity and made the playoffs!! While I haven’t been on the conference calls this year, I have listened to the recording. The insights are very helpful.  It took me two years to understand the importance of running the ball in this offense and it has made all the difference for us. Thanks for time you invest in your clients, this one really appreciates it. - TIM LUGO, HFC SARATOGA HS, CA

"All Sains roll to 6-0 in district! Thanks for all you do!" - AARON BECK, HFC ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL, TX

"Please let Tony know a TFS team just beat the number one team in Orange County California! JSerra 17 - Mater Dei 10" - SERGIO MUNIZ, JSERRA HS, CA

"They're growing up in a SYSTEM." - RICH RODGRIGUEZ, HFC UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA on Bears improvement

"Our QB broke the Career Passing Yards Record for the state of Texas (all classifications) on Friday in a 62-0 win over Wheeler.  For the game, he was 18 of 22 for 336 yards and 4 TDs.  For his career, he is 1024 of 1637 for 14261 yards and 161 TDs.  We finished the regular season at 10-0 (first time in school history).  Thank ya'll for all that ya'll do." - JAMES HENTON, HFC BOOKER, TX

"We finished the regular season undefeated at 9-0. Play-offs begin this week. We've yet to lose a regular season game in the three seasons we've been at North Vermillion, which amounts to a 27 game regular season winning streak, and an overall record of 31-2 to this point. 

Becoming a client has done wonders for my career. Since joining, my teams have an overall record of 45-10 at three different schools (42-3 in the last four years). With a little luck, we could make a nice tournament run this year. Our offense is functioning at it's highest level yet largely in part to attending team camp this summer. Thanks for all you guys do." - BRIAN CRABTREE, HFC NORTH VERMILLION HS, IN

"Manvel Mavericks are rolling. 3 years into moving up to a 6A (Texas largest classification) we are undefeated and ranked #3 in the Harris poll. We are also ranked in the top 15 nationally for the first time. We are averaging 50 points per game and over 500 yards per game. My freshman team is also undefeated and averaging over 50ppg running the System too! I love this offense! Thanks Tony!" - KIRK MARTIN, HFC, MANVEL HS, TX

"West Anchorage heading to playoffs this week for sixth year in a row. Many thanks for all your help!" - TIM DAVIS HFC, WAHS, AK

"Madison East with 787 yards of total offense last night in first win in almost 3 years. Leading Conference in total offense with the System. Word just came in we broke state record for total yards in a game too!!!" - Coach Bessac, MEHS, WI, first year client

"William Blount put of 50 (3rd most points in school history) to defeat cross town rival in shoot out!" - JEREMY SNODERLY, WBHS, TN

"3 weeks no punts CHS wins again 54-6 running clock the entire second half!" - BRIAN HAMILTON HFC, CONCORD, CA

"We played the #5 rated team in 5A, we were big underdogs. We won 39-0! In the 4th quarter we were trying to kill the clock so we held the ball as long as possible. The defensive players and the referee thanked my center for slowing it down. Thanks again!" - First Year Client, DALE HOOPER, HFC ALAMOGORDO, NM

"Smiths Station won last night 38-13, 25 of 33 for 408 yards passing. Didn't throw an incompletion until the 3rd quarter. Our QB was AL Athlete of the Week." - BRITTON DEVIER, OC SMITH STATION, AL

"We beat a team tonight for the first time in program history 60-36. Thanks for everything coach!" - MIKE POPOVICH, HFC MT ZION, IL

"Banning just put up 50 in a 50-38 win! Rushed for 527 yards. Thanks to Franklin. 1-0!" - JOHN APONTE, BANNING CA

"Big win tonight for WAHS in season (national) opener. QB with over 340 yards in the air!" - TIM DAVIS, HFC WEST ANCHORAGE, AK

"Scored 8 times and held opponent to 0 scores in our scrimmage. #5Fs."  Road Warrior Motto: "We're sorry it had to be you, but it had to be done." Pioneers win 48-44! - RYAN TAGGART, HFC SIMI VALLEY, CA

"Concord rolls up 638 yards of offense despite a running clock! #fastfightfinish - BRIAN HAMILTON, HFC CONCORD, CA


"You can bet that an offense directed by Tony Franklin and a true freshman quarterback will do a lot of growing over the next few years, and we're looking forward to seeing what kind of progress they make."  FOOTBALL SCOOP 2013

"Things are going well. We Just scored 60 points against the defending conference champions last week. We are averaging 50.5 points. Thanks again" - MIKE WATKINS, HFC JOHN CARROLL, FL

"I loved the clinic!.. Wouldn't change much because nobody does a clinic like the Tony Franklin System. The genius is really the fact that the mission and philosophy has not changed over the years, but the new tags, concepts, schemes and slight variations keep all of us on the cutting edge of this sport." - KERRY MARTIN, HFC MARION, IL

"Just going to say thank you. Also to let you know that with the help of Tony. Horseshoe Bend post the most regular season win's in school
history with 8-2 mark. We've broken all the records for the offensive side of
the ball. We averaged 473 yds a game, 41.3 pts a game. Thanks for everything." - JASON FRANKLIN, HFC HORSESHOE BEND, AL

"As a first year Tony Franklin team we are 2-0. Only won 9 games in the last 6 years. 651 yds of total offense last week. 506 yds week 1. Score more points in two games than we did in 10 games last year. Thank you!" - MATT COOK, HFC PASCHAL, TX

"We are off to a 3-0 start averaging more than 50 points per game. Running the TFS has made us unstoppable. We are a second year client and one of the most exciting teams in the state right now." - BRITTON DEVIER, HFC WOODMORE, OH

"We just won our 5th game last night 43-42 and qualified for playoffs for second time in schools 40 year history.  QB threw for 481 yards and 5 TDs. Tell Tony we said thank you for everything.  This school only won 1 game last year." - JEREMY BOSKEN, CROCKETT FOOTBALL, TN

"Best game of the year Friday. Beat a very good team with 540 yards of totoal offense.  Sunday conference call and Tony's suggestion of post/wheel got us two long TDs! Thanks Tony! - BRANDON WILLARD, AMPHITHEATER FOOTBALL, AZ

"West Anchorage Eagles won the conference title this year. AK playoffs start next week! Thanks for everything!" - TIM DAVIS, WEST ANCHORAGE, AK

NASCAR was the great equalizer last night. They were much bigger, stronger, and had more kids than we did, but we trusted in our tempo, fed the athletes, and took what they gave us. They were walking out on the field between plays before the 1st quarter was over. We turned that into 4 scores in the 2nd quarter. Thanks guys! - KRIS DAVIDSON, DANBURY, CT

"Got our first win this Saturday in double OT. 6-0. Kids never quit! Play the next play, Thank You" - JOHN MERRITT, FRIENDSWOOD, TX


"You've put La Tech back on the national map! Honestly Tony, if we weren't doing what we are doing right now we'd just be an average team in Texas. Coming to that seminar back in '06 was one of the best decisions I've ever made as a head coach. As long as I've been coaching practice and games has never been more fun. It's exactly like you said it would be years ago and I have you to thank for that! Keep rollin." --Mark Howard, HFC Frisco Centennial

"...We are playing in Round 3 of the 3A playoffs here in KS. It is the farthest our school has ever been... We are a first year client and have been leading the entire state in yardage most of the season (All Classes)... Looking forward to year two of being a client. Thanks for the great advice." --Jeff Werner, Sedgwick KS
10-1 on the season, 1st ever Regional Champs - in the final 8!

I just wanted to write and thank you for all of your help and support this season. We upset the number 6 ranked team in our section and the 20th ranked in the SF Bay Area Friday night by scoring 21 points in the last 3:43. The win secured a playoff spot for our boys! We are currently 6-3 which is a huge improvement over our 2-8 season last year. We are scoring more points than we ever have and currently our QB is fifth in the state of California in yards passing. Not too bad for a first year client. We will only get better!

Please pass on my thanks to Coach Franklin as his weekly insights on the conference calls have been very helpful as we navigate the new offense! --Tim Lugo, HFC Saratoga HS, CA

Coronado is currently 7-2. We have secured a second seed in the playoffs and will host Las Vegas HS in the first round. First time in school history Coronado has hosted a playoff game. We will get after em. Thanks for all the help with our kids and Coronado HS Football. --Brad Talich, HFC Coronado NV

"Danbury goes 8-1 last night to clinch a playoff spot for the first time since 1984. Doesn't happen without TF System!! Thanks for all the help" --Jimmy Thomas, HFC Danbury TX

"This is an awfully good team," UTSA coach Larry Coker said Monday at his weekly session with the media. "They're very explosive on offense. They score a lot of points. Louisiana Tech presents a lot of challenges. They've got a lot of weapons."

In our first year running the system, we improved our record from 4-7 to 14-1 and lost in the state championship game on December 8th.  Our sophomore quarterback passed for 4,061 yards and 54 TDs, which is a new Virginia High School league record.  I just wanted to inform you of this success and thank you for all the help from your clinic and throughout the season. --John Fulks, Essex VA

"Thanks for the input. Our QB broke the state record for passing yards in a game with 518 yards on 33 of 48 passing. We broke our school record with 759 yds on 92 plays. We had 3 WRs over 100 yards and we LOST 56-84 to the defending state champs... We are still in with a win this Thursday and should get it done... Our screens worked well... Thanks for your help!" --JUSTIN BURKE, CHAPARRAL KS

"We are 6-1. Averaging 45ppg and 480 yards. Our QB is leading Houston area with 30TDs and over 2500 yds in 7 games. We have 2 receivers w over 700 yds and 3 others with 200+. We play for the district chapionship in 2 weeks vs a former client. I LOVE this offense! Thx Again!" --KIRK MARTIN, MANVEL TX

This is our first year in the system and we have increased our offensive output to 33 pts/game. Scored 40 or more 4 times. So far we are 5-3 and battling for some home playoff games. Our quarterback just shattered school and county records in our
previous game. We won 40-36. Scored last TD with 33 secs left. He was 35-53-3 for 521 yards and 4 TD's.YES! 521YARDS!!!! He rushed for a TD as well. We had 3 WR's break 100 yards in the game too. X had 8 catches for 103 yards and 1 TD, H had 8 catches 109 yards and 1 TD, and Z had 11 catches and 210 yards with 2 TD's. Conference calls and the discussion forums along with video reviews, have helped us tremendously!! Can't wait for the upcoming clinic. Thanks to Tony for all their help!!

Nick Entas, Ashbrook High School
Offensive Coordinator

Mr. Franklin, Wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful system! I am a first year head coach, and a first year client of this wonderful system. This was a great investment for myself, and for my team! I inherited an 0-10 team that came with a lot of problems. We are changing the culture here, and are currently 4-1! We game plan great, practice great, and the kids are having a great time. I'm not interested in breaking any records, having insane stats, but only with winning games. Because of your system we are doing that! Thanks again, and I will be a client for life!!!!!

Hank Willis Jr. , Poteet High School, Poteet Texas 

Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how we are doing. In the previous 3 seasons at Falkville they have been 4-26. Since we got here in May we have started to have a great turnaround. We are 4-0 and leading our region (Falkville hasn't been 4-0 since 1992). We are averaging 38 points a game and 377 yds per game. Our kids love the offense and love going to practice. Football is fun again. Please tell Tony and the gang that THE SYSTEM is alive and well in Falkville, AL.

Joel Schrenk

Just wanted to keep you posted on what is happening with Westminster High School `s Football program. Attached are the two latest articles on the Westminster Owls. Last Friday we beat Martinsburg West Virginia, two time defending State 3A Champions and winners of 32 straight, 36 -33. A great win for our program !!!!!! This offense is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


Just a note to say thank you for making this offense available and so simple to learn.
Since implementing this offense in 2008, we have an overall record of 45-5
including 4 straight playoff appearances. We are currently 3-0 for the 2012
Our offense has averaged 36.5 points per game over this 4 year span. I wish I
had done this 10 years ago.
Richard White
Dadeville H S
Dadeville, AL

We have put up 42 and 49 points in the first half of our first two games. The system is working!!!!!!!!!!

Dean Fabrizio, Lee County GA